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Club Service includes the scope of activities that Rotarians undertake to foster the successful administration of a Rotary Club. Members do this by regularly attending meetings, sponsoring new members, participating in Club fellowship, taking part in programs, serving on committees and on the Club's Board of Directors, and representing the Club in outside activities. Rotarians have an obligation to strengthen their Club, so all members should be involved in Club Service.
Club Service Activities
Charter Night: Annual evening weeknight celebratory activity for Rotarians, spouses and guests, in February or March in recognition of the Club’s anniversary.
Constitution and Bylaws: Periodic review of club constitution and bylaws.
District Conference: Annual two-day conference featuring Rotary District projects and initiatives.
Fellowship Meeting: A drop-in, informal gathering from 5-7 pm on the last Tuesday of the month at a local restaurant where Rotarians, spouses, and friends meet to socialize and share the fellowship of Rotary.
Historian:  Maintains records of Mechanicsburg North Rotary Club activities.
Holiday Party: Annual social event for Rotarians, spouses and guests held on an evening weeknight in December. 
Membership: Oversees recruitment, orientation, mentoring of new members and retention of members.
Monte Carlo Night: Annual fundraiser held in the spring.  All Rotarians are expected to participate in fundraising activities.  
Newsletter: Monthly newsletter written and distributed to club members and posted on the website.
Program:  Recruits speakers for the weekly Club meetings. 
Public Relations: Photographs and promotes Club activities, produces press releases, posts information on Facebook, and provides information for posting on the website..
Roster Book: Coordinates the inclusion of new members in the Club’s membership directory, as well as ensuring that directory is update regularly. 
Sergeant at Arms: Organizes the set up of the registration table prior to the weekly meetings.
Strategic Planning: Monitors and updates the strategic plan adopted by the Club.
Summer Picnic: A social activity held on an evening weeknight in the summer for Rotarians, spouses and guests. 
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities Mechanicsburg North Rotary Club 501c3 Foundation: Oversees funds deposited with TFEC in the Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg North Foundation account.
Website: Oversees website design, updates, and maintenance.
Wreath & Poinsettia Sales: Develops and implements the Wreath and Poinsettia sales fundraiser in November and December. All Rotarians are expected to participate in fundraising activities.