With the Russians now targeting infrastructure, there is obvious concern for Ukrainians surviving the winter.
The last air attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure caused severe power shortages and damage to the power grid. This is the cause of the dramatic request to help Ukraine with power generators to supply hospital departments in Butcha (the city near Kyiv, in which Russian soldiers have committed severe war crimes).
The request for generators came from Rotary Club Szczecin . Their club already has some on order with their own funds. The estimated cost of one is 2450 EURO - approx $2500. Everyone counts. Rotary Club of Lititz has already provided over $40K in relief funds to Ukraine refugees and is committing funds for two generators now.
Since the need is tremendous, we ask that other clubs come together and support this generator request for Ukraine. We suggest that since the transfer of funds may be costly, Lititz Rotary will consolidate the funds and send as one wire to Rotary Club of Szczecin.
We also ask that you send the checks to Rotary Club Lititz, PO BOX 28, Lititz PA 17543 by December 3. We would appreciate if you can indicate the committed amount before hand so we can provide this info to Rotary in Poland to place pre order. All together we can make a huge impact and support people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom. Questions? Contact Lititz Club President Dennis Stuckey at 717-475-6081 or dstuckey@dejazzd.com. Thank you!